Monday, August 23, 2010

Rookie Stats

We just took the rookie in to the doc for his one year check-up and the numbers are in:

Height: 32 1/4 inches~100th percentile -- just over 1/2 his dear old mom's height already!

Weight: 28 lb 10 oz ~100th percentile -- holding strong since he is moving around so much and going off of formula.

Head: 49 cm~100th percentile-- that's one large noggin, but luckily proportionate to the rest of him.

He wears 3T size clothing and size 5 shoes. He hasn't dared to take any steps on his own yet, but is very proud to stand freely in the middle of the floor and wait for applause. The doctor says he is very strong, which was evident when Max was holding the Doc's hands down during the exam instead of the other way around!

Maximus is taking this BIG brother role very literally.grass9.jpg picture by joiester

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I remember when I started blogging...I kind of knew that at some point my blog would be taken over by my future children. I started with this grand goal of joining the conversation and adding my meaningful thoughts and testimony to the web, that perhaps with the inundation of information out there, truth might find its way.

Now my posting has become a narrative of Max's milestones and life's events and I sometimes wonder if it is important to anyone but his parents, who can be convinced with the slightest evidence that their son is a genius.

While my intellectual and philosophical mind may lie dormant for the next few years as I blog about birthdays, first words, misbehavior, family events, and little ones that are discovering everything for the first time--I have never felt a more clear purpose in my life. How our heavenly parents must feel as they journey with us through this mortal life? For no matter how old we get, we are still their babies.

My baby celebrated one year of his mortal life this week. I'm sure he didn't know what was going on, but he sure had a good time being the center of attention.

gifts02.jpg picture by joiester
gifts01.jpg picture by joiester

Max also discovered chocolate cake at his first birthday party. He wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first, because he didn't want to get icing on his hands, but then Dad gave him a piece of the cake to taste and he just had to have more...even if that meant going face-first!!

cake.jpg picture by joiester

Friday, August 6, 2010


My baby will be turning a year old in a couple of weeks, but he has been changing so much in the past month that I see him turning into a toddler before my eyes. In his eleventh month he has been crawling all over the place and mom has been finding it hard to keep up with him.

Adam and I have seen him escape through doggy doors and attempt to escape through the front door.

escape.jpg picture by joiester

So far, he has not shown any signs of being shy or timid and if he sees something new, he is not afraid to go check it out and throw every social norm out the window--oh to be so uninhibited!

He is fascinated with anything that has wheels and will even keep an old lady at church from getting down the hallway so he can inspect the wheels on her walker.

As we begin to teach him to restrain himself, he has begun to show a dramatic side. Any mention of the word no gets a very strong reaction of scowling faces, growls, screams, whines, head banging, and sometimes tears. We are still deciding on whose side of the family this originated. :)

Some of the fun new things Max is discovering is how to chew. This week he has been cutting 4 new molers and it has been tough on all of us, especially Max. To test out these new teeth he is trying all kinds of new foods. He loves macaroni with marinara sauce the best. Adam likes to call him Maxaroni. I don't know what it is, but Max loves to eat all by himself...which is awesome because I can hide his veggies in there too!

maxaroni.jpg picture by joiester

Sometimes I get preoccupied on my computer and Max goes exploring. Today he discovered that mom had forgotten to lock up one of the kitchen cabinets and there was a brand new can of flour just waiting for him inside...

flour.jpg picture by joiester

Good thing this boy is so cute or I might have been really upset. He was more upset that I insisted on taking photos of him and wouldn't let him crawl around with flour all over himself.