Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adam is 30?!

Yesterday Adam aka Daddy turned 30 years old. I guess it is one of those milestones when you move from one phase of your life to another. There will be a lot of things that will be missed about the 20s, but there is so much to look forward to...and to be thankful for right now!

Here are 30 things that Max and I love about our Adam:

  1. He sings songs to Max and totally makes up all the silly lyrics that he can think of to rhyme--Max is just mesmerized.
  2. He has excellent grilling skills.
  3. He always takes care of Max through all 3 hours of church(even diaper changing)
  4. Our kitchen and bathrooms have rough stone floors and he scrubs them with a brush and dries them with a towel when I ask him to clean them.
  5. He works outside in 90-100+ degree heat everyday to provide for us.
  6. He is very patriotic and he always makes a point to personally thank those who have served our country when he meets them.
  7. He makes us laugh everyday(sometimes with him--sometimes at him c: )
  8. He will go out of his way to help people he knows and loves.
  9. His answers to most questions are lines from 80s movies.
  10. He honors his priesthood.
  11. He does his best in whatever calling he has(more to come in the next post)
  12. He loves his wife and son and would rather spend time with us than do anything else.
  13. He sometimes believes he is a Jedi.
  14. He loves movies about underdogs, good conquering evil, overcoming impossible odds. (i.e. Rocky Balboa, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Cinderella Man)
  15. He loves to eat and he never gains an ounce. He is always so grateful when I make his meals, even when they aren't very tasty.
  16. He loves the desert and he is so happy here.
  17. When he gets all dressed up he looks very sharp.
  18. He cannot wait to have a family dog.
  19. Max gets so excited he will pull my hair and practically throw himself to the ground to get to Adam after a long day of work.
  20. Adam has awesome red hair and he is about 6'2"--with that combo we pretty much never lose him in a crowd.
  21. Adam loves to make other people laugh and will sacrifice his body if necessary to accomplish this...especially around little kids.
  22. He loves to pronounce things phonetically or totally wrong just for fun.
  23. He always takes things very literally and it catches people off guard. I'm used to it and can anticipate it most of the time, but others may get very confused.
  24. Whenever I tease him, he acts very dramatic and's very funny.
  25. He can reach stuff.
  26. He's very strong. I once watched him lift up the dryer and carry it from the driveway into the house with his bare hands.
  27. He loves Martinelli's
  28. He could tell mission stories for days--all in great detail.
  29. He is very unselfish.
  30. He makes a conscious effort to be a better father and husband everyday.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Progress is being made at Heritage Park...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Little Gangsta

So what happens when you are 25 weeks prego
and it's 100+ degrees outside?
Well, today you dress up the baby and take his photo...again.
I am in a photo class right now
and I am really working hard to nail exposures.

Unfortunately, he is my only model
since I'm not leaving the house
for anything less than labor pains.

I think he happens to make a handsome little gangster.

gangsta3.jpg picture by joiester

This is the face I got
when I told him he couldn't crawl out the front door.

gangsta2.jpg picture by joiester

Saturday, June 5, 2010

first dip

Today, I think the temp got up above I decided to put Max in the wading pool and see what he thought. He liked it for about the first 5 minutes and then he was trying to climb out and eat the petals off the rose bushes.

swim.jpg picture by joiester