Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We finally took the time to actually celebrate a holiday. Adam took time off from the MBA program he recently started. I took a break from the computer, which all too often takes too much of my attention with my fingers in 2 businesses, blogs, photography, and a myriad of demanding social media, feels like a 3rd child sometimes.

When we moved into this place, we knew it was a prime location, but we didn't know just how awesome it would be until we found out the parade would be going right down our street and we could watch it from our balcony!!! Max was all too happy to be outside that early in the morning.


Dancing and walking forward at the same time...blows my mind. I can't even talk on the phone and shop for groceries....fail!


It was a perfect day. The weather was overcast and it kept the typically intense St. George sun at bay all day. We made our way around town and ended up at the splash park. It was all I could do to keep this fiesty little girl from going all in--my mistake for not bring the bathing suits!


That night we gathered around with a couple thousand of our closest friends lining the streets to shoot off some fireworks. Once again we watched the city put on an amazing show from our balcony. It was dualing shows between the rodeo stadium 2 blocks in front of us and the distant Dixie rock a few miles in the distance. The show went on for a good 30 minutes and we were pretty darn impressed. Our kids slept through the all the jaw-vibrating explosions and even the firetruck sirens, and firecrackers that went on well past midnight. Happy Independence Day America!