Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Year Later...

What comes to mind when I reflect back over the past year? 
Do I write the truth or just the travel log?
Most of may be more comfortable just reading the travel log.  In fact, I may be more comfortable writing out the travel log of what happened over the past year.  However, I think in 50 years when I come back to read about this time in my life I would rather read the truth. So maybe I will write a little bit of both....

Adam finished him MBA.
He is now working with Patriot Home Mortgage, enjoys his co-workers and job immensely, and is having success.
Truth: Like most graduate students, we are in a deep financial hole. We would eventually like to buy a house, even though I don't mind the fact that I live in a townhouse and someone else mows our lawn every week.  I actually like that a lot. I'm not much for yard work.  

Max and Dempsey continue to grow like weeds. They are both experiencing cognitive developmental delays.  We have been learning as a family about communication, social skills, and patience at the most basic levels.  They are our angels and have changed our perspective on life in many ways.
Truth: I've cried many tears and said many prayers over my children. I've 'grieved' in a sense, as I have come to accept the reality of the situation. I love them more than I can ever express and being their mother is such an overwhelming honor.

My photography business continues to be a creative escape for me.  I have had opportunities to reconnect with dear friends, meet some amazingly talented artists, and work with amazing clients.  It's such an enriching part of my life.
Truth: I've taken a step back from it recently, only taking on 1 or 2 sessions a month so that I may focus on my family and my own health.

Max started preschool in August and we are all happier for it!
Truth: That is the truth baby!  The first day was traumatic, probably more for me, but once he got the hang of getting on the bus I started seeing so many changes in him.  He is picking up words left and right, following directions, trying new foods, saying his alphabet, able to sit still longer, and having hope for your child's future is all you can ask for as a parent. Yay, for tiny miracles!

So, a year after my previous post, we are doing amazing! Happy and healthy!