Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rock the Cradle.

Sometimes I sit and hold my kids and imagine what they will be like as teenagers or adults. Even though there are so many times that I get frustrated and frazzled with all the responsibilities of being a mother. When I think about how quickly my chubby little babies will soon take the natural course and begin to pull away and become independent children-teens-adults, I just want to hold them a little tighter.



Friday, January 7, 2011


3 dimensional?
yes, definitely!

Dempsey is 3 months old!
14.9 lbs 24inches

Developmentally she seems ahead of where Max was at this same age. She can already hold her head up without the bobble-head affect. She is grabbing and holding onto toys(and everything within reach). She has started making this really weird noise that sounds like a cat is dying and we can't really tell if it's because she is happy or sad---just finding her voice, I guess. She likes to be rocked to sleep in her carseat. Max seems to be more intrigued by her as she begins to interact with him a little more. She is always watching him intently. Sometimes she will smile at him, but he just goes about his little-boy-business like the superstar he is.

Yes folks, she is her daddy's girl....a redhead! If you look close you can see her little red eyebrows. We love this little beauty!