Thursday, March 31, 2011

talk derby to me

This may have been the most successful, efficient pack meeting yet! I started the morning out by baking 9 dozen chocolate cupcakes. I didn't go too overboard on the icing and decorating--just a simple gummy car fit the theme quite nicely.


Later that afternoon, Adam headed to the church for the official weigh-in. Now anyone out there who's been a scout, or who has a husband that has been a scout, knows that this is the singular event when fathers all of the sudden turn into little boys. The competition can get quite intense. I can remember going to my brother's derbies and it was all about having the coolest, fastest car out there--like it was somehow an extension of their manhood. 20 years ago, you could count on some arguing, trash talking, and I've even heard rumors of fists being thrown. Luckily, technology has done away with a lot of that.

We just paid a fee and a couple came with an entire computerized setup. The track was connected to a projector and the software did all the work. In fact, once they got all the boys' names into the system, Adam and I actually just sat back and enjoyed ourselves. It would electronically calculate the times out 6 decimal places, automatically bracket the boys according to how fast their cars were and then after everyone had raced four times, it averaged everyone up to see who the winners were....GENIUS!



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

messy business

I really hate cleaning up after kids. Not that I have OCD or anything, but I guess I do have some control issues and I like my household run my way...who doesn't? So whenever possible I just try to avoid messes altogether. Well, I've come to realize that I'm not doing Maximus any favors by trying to keep him clean at mealtime, because there is only one way to learn to feed yourself....


Luckily it's warming up. Maybe I can just move his high chair outside or let him eat in the baby pool so I can just hose him down afterward. ;)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Be Seduced.

So this is a very late Valentine's day post, but only because Adam surprised me with tickets to The Phantom of the Opera in Las Vegas and we just saw the show this past weekend. It was Ah-mazing.

Even though Gerard Butler ranks right up there with some of the best phantoms of all time, there is nothing like seeing a live, organic show on stage. I love the freedom of having my own experience rather than having the camera dictate what and where I should be looking. I have seen the live show a couple of times before, but I was looking forward to the Vegas version. I was not disappointed. The length of the show was shortened from 3 hours to only 95 minutes. The theater was built especially for the production to look like a 19th century opera house.

The special effects, stunts, and pyrotechnics were in true Vegas style. It was pretty exciting to see the phantom himself hanging from the chandelier and actual fireworks going off inside the theater. My only criticism would be that it did seem rushed as they tried to fit all of those huge songs back to back in such a short time period, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Adam's not a big fan of musical theater, especially the type that have little to no dialogue. He said if he had not seen the movie he wouldn't have been able to follow the sing-songy story line.

mosaic in the lobby of the theater

Adam is a true sweetheart for going to the theater with me when it really makes him cringe. However, his ulterior motives were revealed when he said we would be going to Ruth's Chris steakhouse for dinner. It just so happens to be his favorite place to eat. Ever. I had no objections :) .

vday1.jpg These are the roses he sent to me on Feb. 14th...pretty.pretty. Right is a photo I made him pose for before we left for the show. He can hardly contain himself...Love you Am!

On a less romantic note...I got him a new cell phone, because Max threw his other one in the bathtub.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dempsey hit her 5 month mark this week and I snapped a photo of her first ride in the swing. I suddenly had a case of dejavu...frankly, I've been having a lot of those lately, but Dempsey does have a personality all her own and she is making this second go around just as exciting.

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