Saturday, October 31, 2009

my sweetie

Max's first big holiday
and he looked so sweet
that everyone at the ward party
wanted to eat him.

I think he thought that the witch might really eat him.

Adam couldn't resist telling everyone
that Max was a toosie roll factory
and that he was probably making one in his diaper
that very moment.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

son of a beach

we took Max to the beach for the first time sunday afternoon.
he was not very happy about it. i think it was an assault upon his senses
--the salt air, the waves crashing,
dogs barking, the bright sunlight--
it was just all a bit too much for his 10th week in this world.

this is our first family photo outside of the hospital.
the photographer doesn't get in front of the camera much.
what a trio!

Max wasn't the only one to have an assault on his senses that afternoon. all i wanted to do was take a nice snapshot of the beautiful bridge, but when i began editing this photo my sense of morality was under fire.

{click on the photo below for a better view--if you dare}

i'm not going to sit here and criticize heavenly father's children
and how they choose to live their lives
(perhaps my feelings are apparent in my observations, but it is quite unsettling)
all i can say is that if the Savior had been walking
down the beach that afternoon i think he would have been saddened.

Monday, October 19, 2009


i think it's a bit of a toss up...
the DNA hasn't decided which way it gonna swing.
we shall revisit this comparison in a few months,
with some older baby photos,
and see if there are any new developments.

what do you think?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

playing catch-up

so i finally got a new battery in my camera, but i have been horrible about taking photos lately. max was even blessed last sunday and i didn't take a single shot. i don't dare try to stuff him back into his blessing clothes again. he barely fit into them the first time...without the bowtie, that is. just imagine a mini john travolta from saturday night fever--minus the greased-back hair and white boots--that was Max in his little white tux with open shirt. he is growing so fast that i can barely keep him in diapers, let alone clothes.

like any good madison/sheffer he is already enamored with himself...

it's pretty amazing when i think that just two months ago i was standing in the hospital parking garage ready to go inside and be induced.
as you can see he was no small guy then...and 5 pounds later he is already wearing 6-9 month clothes. my aunt marsha said that Max was so big when he was born because he would need to be strong to live his life in these days. i don't know what all is in store for this big, strong boy, but watch out world--you won't keep this redhead down!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

All Things New

the battery in my camera met an untimely demise after 3 wondrous years.
it no longer holds a charge for more than a few minutes.
i preemptively went on and ordered a new one over a month ago, because i knew that with Max coming i would be taking a lot more photos than usual.
in my haste, i didn't check where the order was to be shipped and now the battery rests nicely at adam's parents house two states away.
luckily they will be bringing it out when they come to visit next week.
in the meantime, i have overhauled my photo blog.
please...go...check it out and let me know what you think about the new blog design and new watermark on the photos.

just click the new button i made below!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best Face Ever

I'm a self-indulgent mother and I couldn't resist posting the best reaction I've gotten out of Max. If he gets any cuter he just might burst{or I might}!