Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day of Love.

Labor Day weekend we took a drive up to Pine Valley. It is just perfect up there this time of year. There is a quaint little chapel nestled in the panoramic countryside. A little while after we got there the congregation got out of their afternoon meetings and the grounds were filled with beautiful mormons all in their colorful summer sunday best. It made me feel like I was on the set of a mormon movie. Everything just looked so perfect. I know. I should have taken a photo.

The chapel grounds were gated,
which is so nice because we can let Max run free.
He and Dempsey are happiest when they can cut loose and explore to their hearts' content.
labor_009.jpg labor_009.jpg Dempsey LOVES to climb stairs. She is stellar at going up. But her technique of coming down face first...needs work. I keep trying to show her how much easier it is to come down feet first, but apparently she's already decided that Mom doesn't know anything. And of course, she will still blame me when she has to learn the hard way. She is finding parent-training to be quite challenging. labor_009.jpg
Max, on the other hand, thinks he has us whooped.
Which may or may not be the case when he whips out those baby-blues and long lashes. Resistance is futile. labor_009.jpg labor_009.jpg

Labor Day Monday we headed into Snow Canyon Park to have a little lunchtime bbq with Uncle Trent and Aunt Becca!
They brought their doggies along for the fun: Cinnamon and Coconut. They showed us their synchronized spin moves for pieces of cheese. (The dogs, not Trent and Becca. ;) However, I have been known to perform for cheese as well.)

labor_009.jpg Dempsey hung out in the BOB(love the BOB dualie!!!) and Max wandered around kicking rocks, frequently checking the occupancy of the know, boy stuff.

Then things REALLY got cooking! LOL.
labor_009.jpg mmmmm.......kabobs and hobo dinners over charcoal on a cloudy afternoon. Perfect.
labor_009.jpg Dempsey had her first taste of lollipop. She wanted her hands all over that thing!
labor_009.jpg Being only a 10 minute drive to the park from our house...I can't wait to do it all again! Sooo fun!