Friday, July 31, 2009


So today I picked up the mail and as residents of this unique community on the bay we received our fall edition of the Sausalito magazine apprising us of community events(courtesy belly-shot). Now, I am often cynical about this community because the lifestyles are very foreign to me, but I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and see what is important to my neighbors. As I flip through the magazine I see the usual articles that represent the predominant demographics and the real pressing issues: "What is the Edgewater Senior Club up to?", "72-hour parking limit on city streets", and of course it wouldn't be Sausalito without the anticipated article called "Ted's Place" which is so quaintly narrated by a local dog.

One of the most interesting parts of the magazine is at the end of the publication where they outline what classes and seminars will be offered throughout the season. This always gives me a very good profile of the community and people that live here. Some of the classes I see every season are pretty traditional: ballet, tennis, oil painting...some are more unique to this part of the country: basket weaving, wine tasting, and rowing in the ocean...some even cross over into the realm of the strange like pet CPR and self-hypnosis with a bedroom voice(don't ask). Every once in a while we are graced with a jewel of a class, one that has me laughing straight out the gate....

For a mere $35 this 3-hour seminar promises you will learn the following:
  • What you really want carved into your headstone
  • How to make a haiku-short headstone statement about your century-long life
  • How to use that statement to enhance your life now
  • Some examples of the best and worst epitaphs
  • The pros and cons of purchasing cemetery property before you need it
  • The many uses of a headstone before it is permanently planted (my favorite)
Maybe I have been sitting around at home too long trying to entertain myself as I wait to give birth, but I could not stop chuckling about the fact that they were seriously presenting this as a viable class to the large population of retirees that reside in Sausalito. The last instructions of the passage are " Wear comfortable clothes, preferably black; bring a pen, a chisel and a sense of adventure."

All joking aside, these folks may be a little distraught when they realize that their epitaph isn't the last that will be seen or heard of them...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cap'n Adam

So last weekend we went up north to Santa Rosa. While were there we stopped by a park to see Carrie and she was throwing a b-day party for her nephew. We didn't know anybody there. It was a big latin shindig for a 5-year-old and the theme was pirates. It didn't take long for Adam and a crazy wig to find each's sorta like an albino Bob Marley, eh?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Check it Out!

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Family Feud

Well, I thought that maybe I wouldn't make it to the next quarterly enrichment activity, but no such luck. My comittee so conveniently planned it with enough time that I would be sure to be there and not in August when it was originally scheduled. I'm glad they did, because I always have a great time! We had a fully-loaded salad bar to start off the evening. Fay, the RS president put all the food together and her husband played the part of our french waiter.

Our theme was "Family Fun" and the committee planned an awesome game of Family Feud. About six weeks earlier we passed out surveys with 50 or so questions to the entire ward. The questions ranged from everyday trivia to church trivia. This gave a baseline for our game show. It was definitely a team effort. It took everyone on the committee to host, write answers, make buzzing noises, put up Xs, keep score, and get the crowd going. Carrie was our host and she did a great job playing the part of a cheesy game show host and making it fun for everyone--even the 90-year-old ladies got into it!

I am so thankful for all of these sisters. They have taken care of me, especially during this time, when I have been so far from family and friends. Now I can focus on getting things ready for baby. If my body would only cooperate with my intentions!