Friday, April 22, 2011

April Showers

As the old saying goes: when it rains, it pours... While there have been a few literal rainstorms this month, I'm actually refering to the fact that we are all busy, busy, busy.

Lindsay has been working furiously to sell her Scion, register for summer semester at Dixie State, working 30 hours a week at the theater, & losing 35 lbs. There is always time to get her 'tourist' on, and while I'm sure we can't afford to go inside, she had to stop for a photo opp at the Biggest Loser resort right outside St. George. It's one of our favorite shows and we love watching people transform their lives.

Adam has been super-busy. For the past month he has been working from 8am to 8pm everyday trying to finish up this beast-of-a-job. I think it is magnificent. Every time I see it, I am just blown away by the intricacy of his skill. I just see all the time and painstaking detail that went into creating it and I am in awe. Yes, I am a proud wife who just has to brag a little bit about the best stone mason in the state. ;)


Max and Dempsey have been the busiest of all. Everyday when we go out into the yard to play, Max has a routine/set of rituals that he performs in succession. He must always climb up and down the stairs several times, run to the back door, put a few random objects in the doggy-door, and take them all back out again. I'm sure all the cars driving by are wondering why he is constantly in the downward dog position.

Dempsey is content to massage her teething gums on the swing and watch Max wander around the yard getting through his important toddler agenda.


I must be a glutton for punishment, because amidst all of this I decided to do a bunch of promotional photoshoots. I always underestimate the time it takes to edit, blog, network, email, ship orders, and keep the rotation going. You are welcome to go check out what I've been up to HERE...or don't, this blog doesn't take any prisoners. :)

And as if this month couldn't get any busier, next week we are moving yet again! This will be our 7th move in 5 years. Luckily it's just a short move from Hurricane to St. George proper, but moving is always a tedious inconvenience. Anyhow there may not be much posting here for a couple weeks. So take care until then, my friends.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


There were many who said it couldn't be done.
But I did it.
6-month Dempsey and 19-month Max now share a bedroom.
Even after only a couple of days it is a much more rested household. I really think they like being in the same room together. It's as if they are comforted by hearing each other's familiar voices, even if it is often times crying. They both go down around 8pm and sleep all night until close to 7am, when one of them wakes.

If one baby in this house is awake, it means we are all awake...except Lindsay.

babyroom1.jpg (So I really wish I had a super-cool fisheye lens on my camera, but I actually took a series of photos in their tiny nursery and merged them all in Photoshop. Despite the distorted angle, there is barely room to sleep in there as is evidenced by the makeshift bookcase/closet in front of the window and no empty wall space anywhere!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, I've noticed little things about my son as he has been growing and his personality has been developing. It's fun and funny to see how he reacts to everyday life. Why just this morning I pulled on a bright pink t-shirt and came out of my bedroom for the day. When he saw me he had this freaked-out look on his face and started backing away from me. I was trying to give him a hug and tell him good morning, but he just clasped his juice cup tighter and ran toward the couch. He buried his face and was crying(with streaming tears) into the cushion. I crouched down to ask him what was the matter and to try to reason with him(futile), but everytime he looked at me he just wailed even louder. I couldn't help but chuckle, because it just seemed so ludicrous that he was afraid of seeing me in a pink shirt. I put a dark blue sweatshirt on over it and then he was all too happy to come to me and be comforted.

In the back of my mind I think he is trying to tell me that I can't pull off an outfit with other words, stick with dark colors and nuetrals, mom.

Max is also very particular about having food on his face. Don't get me wrong. He can get down and dirty with the best of them, but when he is finished with his meal he wants his hands and face wiped. He doesn't like that feeling of yogurt running down his chin, syrup on his fingers, or anything that he has to wear on his head for that matter.

Last weekend, Grandma Sheffer was in town for a conference, so we went to hang out with her. While we were sitting in the hotel room, Max became quite enamored with his reflection in the full-length mirror. It was hilarious to watch him dance and make faces, and do a double-take every time he would pass by. It must be hard to be so cute.

maxmirror1.jpg maxmirror1.jpg maxmirror1.jpg
...just after I published this post, I went into the bathroom to find Max in my makeup drawer, his face covered with shimmery, purple eyeshadow. I don't think it's your color, Max.

Monday, April 4, 2011

You are my sunshine...

When I found out I was pregnant with Dempsey, I cried. Not a happy cry either. I wasn't ready for another baby, not yet anyway. Max was only 4 months old, Adam had just been laid-off from his job, and we had just made a huge move from California back to Utah and the future was uncertain. Now, when I look at my precious sweetheart, I can't imagine my life without her. From the very beginning she knew me. Even the doctor was stunned that she already had separation anxiety at 6 weeks old. I love having a little soul that needs me...she makes my heart happy.

We don't actually celebrate half-birthdays at our house, but to make it to your first half-birthday is quite a milestone. Little Dempsey is not a cuddle-bug anymore. She wants to go, go, go. She hasn't quite mastered sitting up or crawling, but she can roll and scoot around in circles pretty well to get to things she wants. She is very strong and I have no doubt she will be on the move very soon.

She has managed to start holding her bottle up all by herself, but sometimes she just wants mom to do it anyway. We started with some solid foods and she is doing okay. She likes to stick her tongue out, but I'm persistent and we are able to keep most of it down. So far, she has only tried rice cereal and sweet potatoes...April's menu will include squash, green beans, and peas(is your mouth watering yet?)


At about 5 1/2 months old she cut her first two teeth! There they are in all their glory and all the fun that comes with them. She wants to grab and bite everything within reach. If it's not within reach you will get the following face which leads to much more screaming and arching of the back. Yes, this redhead has a little feisty streak. She definitely gets that from her dad. :)


(the stare-down) Mamma's sassy girl.
demps-chair.jpg make me happy when skies are gray.