Friday, May 20, 2011

rare moment. . .

Dempsey has hit her stride. These days she doesn't sit still unless she is asleep. She is the most wiggly baby I have ever known. She rolls, scoots, twists, wriggles, picks things up with her monkey toes, army crawls, spins, pivots, pulls, grabs, arches her back, kicks, and whatever else she can to get herself around the room and get hold of the things she wants. She hasn't actually started crawling, but she will push herself up onto her knees, so I know it can't be far away. Even when we are outside she wiggles herself off my hip and wants me to hold her hands so she can walk around. She's only 7 1/2 months and already this little girl just can't wait to be off and running!


Because of her new found mobility, it is a rare moment for Dempsey to sit still and have a little cuddle with her momma. So this evening when she was very sleepy and wanted to lay her head on me, I had Adam grab the camera and snap a few shots, so I could remember my sweet little baby before she turns into a running little toddler too darn fast.

demps1.jpg demps3.jpg demps2.jpg cuddle-demps.jpg

Friday, May 13, 2011

Doce de Mayo~llevamos 5 años

Our anniversary was simple.
We took our little family to Zion's that morning.
The 5 of us(including Lindsay) stood in the soupy, clay mud between two waterfalls.
We smiled and laughed politely at 50 different comments
about bringing a double stroller out onto a hiking trail.

We are simple.
We have simple dreams.
We looked back over what it meant to come together 5 years ago and what we have created together.
Times have changed; plans have changed; we have grown.
We ate steak and sushi and talked about the future.
We watched The King's Speech. Amazing.
We feel a great sense of resolution.
Our joy is full.


a mom's day miracle...

I woke up on mother's day to find that my two little ones had stayed up all night making beautiful handmade cards for me. There were special messages from each of them. Each individual letter of each word in a different colored ink. So creative, so much time and effort put in...I'm sure their dad must have have at least helped them with the glue and scissors.

It's so sweet to be their mom.


you got to move it move it

Being my 7th move in 5 years of marriage you would think I would be a pro at it. Well, I had big plans to go through everything we owned, organize it into corresponding boxes, ready for Adam to load and move. It's amazing how 2 tiny little people have double our accumulation of things. My best laid plans are always thrown off by those two scrumptious babies who, the second I turn my back, take things out of the boxes as I am putting them in...Luckily, we were only moving 20 minutes away and by the end of the 2nd day everything was getting shoved into the closest box, even dirty clothes.

Thus far, Adam and I haven't been too picky when it comes to where we live, although I have become more particular with kids in tow. Every place we have ever moved into has always been the first place we have looked at, we're not much for shopping around. We did some online research and this townhome became available to rent. It was just the right size, right location, right price...sold.

My inlaws so graciously let us stay in their vacant home for a year after Adam was laid off and we will forever be grateful for the time to get back on our feet. It's very nice to move back out on our own and start a new chapter of life.

Here's a preview of the living/kitchen area. It's a mess, I know. My bosses are both under 2 years old and very demanding. Plus, I am no decorator. That's a 911 call I'm putting out to Martha Stewart and Kathy Vincent. :) We've got a second floor with 2bed/2bath. Go down one level to a 2 car garage. Go down one more flight to the basement and there are 2 more rooms, laundry room/bath. I am loving my 20 foot ceilings, tall windows with tons of light, and gated courtyard out front.

Stop by anytime!(unless you are a pedophile, murdered, or thief.)