Monday, July 19, 2010

The Ants Go Marching...and so did we.

A few weeks ago my kitchen was invaded.
By tiny ants.

My parents were visiting at the time and so my mom was helping me battle them for a couple of days. After my parents left, I googled every home remedy I could find on how to get rid of the little buggers. Perhaps I wasn't patient enough in my efforts. Some things would work for a couple days, but they would inevitably be back. Being 7 months pregnant has me on edge anyway and I just couldn't stand waking up every morning to little ants covering my counters and floors without getting emotional about it.

Adam, seeing how distressed I had become, called the exterminator. They said they could easily take care of them(for a small fee, of course), but that I would be unable to clean my kitchen for a few days after they treated it. Since Adam had planned some pre-bid meetings in Salt Lake, I decided to head to my parents house for the rest of the week to escape the bugs and the 105-110 degree temps.

It was so nice to be in Vernal. This year it is greener than I ever remember it being. My mom said they have gotten a lot more water than in past years. I started getting a little nostalgic for all of the places I used to play and ride my bike as a child.

day54-2.jpg picture by joiester
{see more pics from Vernal HERE}

Adam came and joined us after his meetings and we had such a nice week. Max even had his first 4-wheeler ride. I think he liked it.

4wheel02.jpg picture by joiester

4wheel01.jpg picture by joiester


Independence day is one of my favorite holidays. I have fond memories of gathering with family to eat delicious food, watch parades, and light fireworks. Now that Adam and I have started our own family, we thought we had better start some of our own traditions. Now that we are living on the, I mean, southern Utah, the local parade started at 8AM. By that time it is already 80 degrees outside. We left early to ensure a good spot in the shade and Max wasn't quite awake, but as soon as more people started arriving he started perking up.

4th02.jpg picture by joiester

Now, there are pros and cons to small town parades. I tried to lower my expectations, but I couldn't help but chuckle at the less-than-stellar effort.
I mean, floats?
Mormon missionaries looking like Secret Service with their shades on?
Horses, fourwheelers, followed by more some ways it was just like any other day on main street, haha!

However, what's awesome about a smalltown parade is what gives it all the charm...
They STILL THROW CANDY!!! (and otterpops)
Max was much more interested in
watching the kids running for the
candy than in anything in the parade itself.
It was short, only about 20 minutes(good, because it was getting hot)
A lot of the time you know half of the people in the parade.

4th03.jpg picture by joiester

4th01.jpg picture by joiester

Although Max couldn't stay awake for the 10pm fireworks show, it was still a really fun morning!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's our pleasure

Watching Max try new things is the most magical part of parenthood.
I'm not quite sure that he agrees all the time.

lemons.jpg picture by joiester