Saturday, October 29, 2011

¡Aye Mi Niña!

My baby turned ONE on September 30, 2011.

PHEW! I won't lie. It's been a long tough year, but we made it together and after all that hard work we've all put in we are not about to give up now!! We love this sweet girl. Here is a list of things that my Dempsey-girl does that make me smile:

-she has lightning fast reflexes and when we go to get her out of her bed in the morning it's almost like seeing a triple flip up to standing position, because she is so excited to see us!
-loves to tap things with her index finger.
-does little random dance moves moving her shoulders up and down.
-can say mamama and dadada, but has a very pronounced BaBaBa and will even wake up in the middle of the night to say BaBaBa.
-she's got a huge gap in her two front teeth and it reminds me of Mater from the the Cars movie, so I am always saying she has "two buck teeth for one buck"
-she wears a shoe size 6 already! she's going to be tall like her daddy!
-she is in 18-24 months clothes.
-her hair is coming in slowly, but surely and though we try to deny it, it seems to have a tinge of red.
-she's a climber and I am constantly pulling her down off of the furniture and stairs.
-she will have nothing to do with dolls, jewelry or anything "girly". However, if you give that girl a ball, she is very happy!
-she has a strange fetish with the posts on our bed. she gets overly excited to go into our bedroom and try to get her mouth on that bedpost.
-she loves playing outside and if ANYONE goes out the front door without her she throws the biggest tantrum ever.

She is pretty fond of playing with Adam and he likes to throw her around. By the time these kids are old enough for tumbling, they may think it's too boring. :)

Happy Birthday my beautiful girl. We love you so much!

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Jenna said...

I remember my dad used to toss us around like that and it drove my grandmother bananas. I'm surprised she didn't have a heart attack over it. Now that I see still photos of what it must have looked like, I don't blame her (although my dad never dropped any of us once and I'm sure Adam has never dropped Dempsey).